Cellular Shades

Better Blinds & Shutters currently offers cellular blinds made by both Blinds By Vertican and Color Lux.  Using only the highest quality fabrics and with over 800 custom colours to choose from there is something for everyone!

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Rail colours available: Alabaster, Charcoal, Cobblestone, Gray, Mocha, and White

Colour Matching

Just press the bottom rail button to operate the shade, then release the button to lock the shade in place!

Available as Standard and Top Down Bottom Up (TDBU)

Lift and Lock

No free hanging cords!  Simply push up or down on the shade handle to raise and lower the shade to the desired position.

Available head rail colours: Alabaster, Charcoal, Cobblestone, Gray, Mocha, and White


Single Loop: Eliminates the use of the cord lock. Position the shade at the desired height simply by pulling the continuous cord loop.

1 Loop/Cordless: Uses cord loop to control the middle rail while the bottom rail is a cordless system.

2 Loop: Eliminates the use of cord locks. Continuous cord loops control the middle and bottom rails

Cord Loop System

Have the best of both world with this 2 in 1 option.  A light filtering fabric for the day and a room dorkening fabric for night!

Available in Cordless and Loop systems

Day/Night Shade

The cords are attached to cleats fixed to the wall or window frame at the bottom.

2 Rail System: Operated by moving the bottom rail only and is ideal for RV's!

3 Rail System: Operates by moving either the bottom rail or the middle rail. Stays in place in any position!

Tie-down Shades

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